She was born on a Thursday, June 20th in the year 1991. She was born in France, in the center of the country, in the country side, in la Creuse. When you ask her where exactly in France she is from, she will simply draw a cross in the air, with her tattooed finger, point to the center of the floating cross, and say, 'right there.' If you ever happen to pass through la Creuse you would easily meet some French goats, cows, dogs and llamas. Meeting people on the way would surely be a challenge.

Johanna Dumet grew up with the flowers, the animals, the trees. In her little five year old world she knew she would be a painter, even with all the singing, acting and dancing she performed in her free time (and believe me, spare time she certainly had plenty of!) Johanna studied apply art in La Souterraine - Lycée Raymond Loewy. Then she studied Fashion Design and Environment in Marseille – Lycée La Calade.

She loves to speak to the cosmos, to sweeten up stories with a bit of sugar and a bit of whip cream. The idea is to make sure that her stories are extraordinary yet, believable. She loves flowers, she loves beauty, she loves love. Her emotions are real, intense, deep, uncontrollable. She's a Gemini. The sign of the twins. She does everything twofolds, backwards, forwards, upside-down and inside-out. She is all air. Try to catch her, it won't be an easy endeavor.

She loves imperfections. When things appear, smell, or sound wrong, too wrong. When something is so utterly senseless that it becomes sense-full. When things are too much, well, come to think of it, she has the tattoo 'too much is never enough,' so let's leave that alone for now. She loves the beauty in the grotesque. Johanna loves generosity. When she gives, she gives and then gives more. When she paints, she paints on the floor, on the wall, with two hands, with her body, with her cats, with her goats (well, maybe not. Maybe not yet.) She feels it and she wants everyone to feel it too. When they look at her work, they should feel her joy, hate, love, boredom, and feel it as their own. Feel it and feel life.

Johanna is a « Touche à tout » Why shall we hold ourselves back? Johanna, sometimes referred to as Napoleon, knows what she wants. When she wants something, she will put her whole self to achieve, obtain, conquer what it is she is after.

Johanna is currently based in Berlin and France. She finds inspiration when she goes back to her roots. To a place where the only sounds are the trees, the wind, the moon and the goats. She finds inspiration in the city as well. She observes and interprets the omens of flat tires, her neighbors through their windows, and the taste of the 5 for 1 euro avocados from the turkish market. Inspiration comes to Johanna from the people she meets, the colors of their hair, the sound of their laugh and the food stuck in their teeth. She draws inspiration from the colors of buildings, from the wild people living on the streets expressing their eight lives, alive and awake and waking us up. She lives for the people who promise her the moon and for those there with her in it's soft glow. She lives to love, to give and of course, to create. Jo, Jojo, Johanna, Johanna Dumet.

Text written by Dayna Gross